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Mascara Makeup Tips and Tricks for Enhanced Beauty

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If you want your eyelashes to look incredible, then the correct application of mascara will enhance your beauty. These tips will help you to create lashes that are luxuriously long without a significant investment.

Best Mascara Beauty Tips

The best beauty tip you can apply today is to bend the wand of your mascara slightly. You will create an angle that makes it easier to control delivery and enhance length.

Then you will want to consider these additional ideas.

1. Use a business card.

Place the business card behind your lashes to protect your eyelid. You can cut a small curve that fits the shape of your eye to make the application easier.

This tip will stop your eye shadow and mascara from mixing.

2. A few drops of Visine can liquify clumps.

If your mascara comes out lumpy, then add a few drops of Visine to the product to even it out. When it gets hard enough that you cannot get any product on your wand, then place it in a cup of hot water for about two minutes.

3. Dust some baby powder on to increase volume.

When you want lots of extra volume, then use one coat of mascara to your lashes as usual. Then dust them with baby powder before applying another one.

4. Remove mascara with witch hazel and coconut oil.

Instead of using a harsh cleanser, remove your mascara at the end of the day by using witch hazel and coconut oil. This combination can take off a waterproof product. It will also reduce some of the inflammation that can occur.

Remember to Clean Your Brush!

Knowing how to clean your mascara brush and wand correctly will help you to reduce the risk of an eye infection developing. It will keep your mascara from clumping too.

When you coat the back and front of your lashes, you can enhance the beauty of the final result. Try these tips and tricks today to see if they will work for you!

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